This website is operated by Friends of Mother Earth Incorporated. In 2020, Friends of Mother Earth attempted to register as a charity in Australia. Unfortunately our application was rejected. Here are the reasons given by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission for rejecting our application for charitable status.

The following excerpt is from the letter we received declining our application to register as a charity:
“Independent research has been undertaken to measure the impact of kangaroo grazing on native vegetation in Australia. A 2014 study found that large mammalian grazers can alter the biotic and abiotic features of their environment through their impacts on vegetation. The study also demonstrated that reptile abundance, species richness and diversity were highest where grazing intensity was low, which supports limiting the numbers of kangaroos in the environment... The Acting Assistant Commissioner considers that this research indicates a need for kangaroo numbers to be limited in an effort to protect the overall biodiversity of protected and unprotected lands within Australia. It is therefore likely that should the Applicant succeed in achieving its purpose of ending the commercial harvest of kangaroos, it would be to the detriment of the natural environment.”

The following chart reveals that 44.87% of Australia’s land is used for grazing livestock on natural vegetation. Apparently the 90 million livestock grazing on 44.87% of Australia’s natural vegetation isn’t an issue. Yet, the 30 million kangaroos struggling to find habitat in a country that utilises 80% of land is detrimental to the natural environment.



Donations received by our incorporated body help us to fund:
World Kangaroo Day
legal action
education programs
“kangaroo safe” pet food labelling
and other initiatives aimed at saving kangaroos from cruelty and killing.